Paragraph - Chapter Fifteen - The Cloak Fights Back

I found this an interesting chapter - (although I found them all interesting :) The general idea that I was trying to get across and I am not sure if I did or not - was that the cloak (Pure Intended Thought) responds to Charlie's thoughts - as Charlie and his mom are fighting with the three men, the cloak starts to "hum" and then the pack itself starts to jump up and down.  Charlie looks over and says to the pack, "Well, if you want to join us, now would be a pretty good time."  So, this is the directive to the cloak (intended thought) to enter into the action.  Again, the idea here is that we set up our day and go about our lives by our "intended thoughts."  And those who study such things, feel we do this whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  Charlie is learning that his thoughts control the cloak.

Another interesting element of this chapter that I had fun with - What happens if outside forces try and "break into" our intentions....(if we guard them - so to speak )- it is often difficult for others to break our intentions - this is illustrated in the paragraph when one of the riders tries to strike down the cloak with his sword.  The cloak resists, of course.  Now, about the same time as the sword touches the cloak, Charlie has thoughts of the intruder being blasted out of the cottage into the pouring rain, which is what happened. This again is trying to illustrate that Charlie's thoughts - his intentions - caused the cloak to do what it did and toss the man out into the rain.

The other thing I wanted to establish in this chapter was the fact that water was the source of discomfort for the three men.  Going back to Tolkien's Ring Wraiths - where fire was the main deterrent, I chose water as the agent that the riders were most affected by.

So here the paragraph - actually two paragraphs :)

     "The blow of the man's sword collided with the cloak, setting of a firestorm of smoke and light as if the bandit had just touched a lightening bolt.  When the smoke and heat settled, the man, did indeed find himself out in the back yard in the pouring rain.
     "Ahhhh," he cried as the rain suddenly washed over his exposed skin.  He screamed in agony.  It was a mournful cry.  Charlie had never heard such a thing in his young life.  Even though the three had come to hurt them, Charlie couldn't help feeling pity for the poor soul.  The man fumbled and rolled around on the rain-soaked lawn.  He did his best to cover up from the source  of his discomfort, the rain water striking his skin.  Eventually, he was able to mount his horse and race away, leaving his two companions to fend for themselves.  Charlie then realized what had just happened.  He remembered the incident on the ridge.  He remembered the man's coat being blown open and the rain water hitting his exposed chest and the man crying out in agony."

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