Paragraph - Chapter Eleven - Sweethearts

Chapter Eleven was fun to write.  I wanted to establish that Rocky and Charlie were more than friends, they were sweethearts.  They are young, however, so I needed to keep the dialog appropriate while sill trying to provide the reader with a sense of young love that happens every day all over the world.  Not sure if I accomplished that but that was the intention.  So, there is a back and forth between the two kids.  

The other element in the chapter is the fact that "something" happened to Charlie the night before.  He certainly didn't understand it all and was reluctant to talk about it with Rocky's mom and dad.  (This, of course, was the incident at the Rusty Scuttle and the fight in the wind tunnel.  So I set up the scene with a casual conversation between Charlie and Mr. Jacobs.  Charlie sort of stumbles into what happened the night before.  Here's the dialog.  Rocky's dad asks the question.

     "How's your mom these days, Charlie?  I haven't seen much of her for a while now."
     "Okay, I guess.  A little on edge this morning but then after last night, I suppose I can't blame her."
     "Last night?  You got home okay, didn't you?"  The minute Charlie heard the words come out of his mouth, he regretted saying them, particularly to Mr. Jacobs.
     "Oh, it's nothing really."  But Charlie knew he had to say something.  He was not in the business of lying, particularly to Rocky's father.  "I lost Loki for a bit and ended up tracking him down by the wharf.  He's never done that before."
     "You were down at the wharf last night?"

             Charlie finds his way out of this little situation all the while telling the truth  but without telling too much of the truth.  That was the challenge in this part of the chapter.  Hope you enjoyed it.

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