Paragraph - Chapter Eight - A Fight in the Heavens

In this chapter there is a fight (as fights go - I rather liked this one)  Charlie and his two mentors are trying to stop the Shadowling from coming to Medelia.  They are in the wind tunnel that extends from the Heart of Heavens to the Poisoned Forest in Medelia and what comes along with the Shadowling - is the magic tree, Drasil.   The branches come racing down ahead of the Shadowling and crash into the ground then go underground.  What is happening of course, is that the roots of the magic tree weave their way through the Underworld and connect, by way of elaborate tunnels and such, to all the other worlds.  Now the magic tree idea, is from Old Norse and I want to include another web site for you - more fun if you are interested -


Now, in this chapter - one of the things I had fun with and certainly one of the elements of the story will have to be dealt with latter - is the touching of the Shadowling's cloak by Charlie's magic sword.  So the paragraph I am highlighting is this one.

     "In one blinding flash, the two met.  The razor sharp tip of Charlie's blade touched the red and black hooded Cloak of Pure Intended Thought.  The touch sparked off an explosion of light, smoke and noise, louder than anything the wind tunnel had produced thus far.  In the confusion and noise of battle, it would have been easy to miss what happened next.  The two cloaked warriors saw it.  Charlie, however, missed it.  When the tip of Charlie's sword touched the powerful cloak, the garment exploded away from the Shadowling and disappeared down the worm hole.  The last thing Charlie remembered was one of the men screaming.  "We may have done it, lads!  There might be hope yet."

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