paragraph - Chapte Twenty One - Rocky Runs Away

I struggled with the chapter as to how I might want to establish the character of Rocky.  The reader should remember that with reference to the mythological hero, Rocky and Charlie are really "one person"....the Yin and Yang - as the adventure unfolds, they will need to both develop and compliment each other on the journey, remembering that the hero's journey is essentially a journey for and with the development of the human spirit.

So in this chapter, Rock runs away.  As I have mentioned before, she leaves the safety of the Otherworld and Port Thomas but does not pass through the "threshold of adventure"  (that being the Rusty Scuttle)  Therefore, she can not, by all rights, join Charlie at this time on the adventure.  The Red River that separates the Otherworld and Northlander country, is the outer boundary of the adventure.  She does cross the river but having not gone through the Rusty Scuttle, she has to return home.

One of the situations that I tried to establish in this chapter, is that her "running away" should be seen as just that, meaning she is not "following the rules" of the hero's journey.  In other words, if one is retelling the story of the Mythological Hero, it needs to be told "correctly..."  Another way to put this, is:  Let's say that on this journey the only sanction means of transportation is a train.  If the hero does not have a ticket to get on the train, he or she either can't go or will need to come up with their own means of transportation.  The train ticket then is the passage through the Rusty Scuttle. If the hero decides to find their own means of transportation, trouble is sure to follow.  If that makes any sense.

So for example, if Rocky is not going to go through the Rusty Scuttle, she could not have a grand farewell party and everyone wishing her a great trip and all of that.  Those formal and "sanctioned" good bye rituals would be given the hero who leaves within the rules of the game.

I also wanted to establish in the chapter, that the character of Rocky (the female component of the mythological hero) knows better!!!  - She knows she is doing something "wrong."  Of course this sense of "wrong" is played out in the disobeying of her parents wishes and / or in deceiving them as to her intent to run away.  In a larger sense, the "wrong," of course, is not following the rules of the hero's journey. i.e. she has to go through the threshold of adventure (the Rusty Scuttle) is she wants to "play the game."

So the paragraph I chose for this chapter is Rocky's acknowledgement of her "wrong doing" but her intent to "go anyway."  - And of course, she will pay for that decision by nearly loosing her life.

     "But deep down inside, it wasn't fine.  She didn't like the plan.  She had never lied to anyone in her life, not really, especially not to an adult, and had never purposely deceived her parents or caused them any undue worry.  She was about to do both and she felt terrible about it, yet she knew she was going and nothing was going to stop her.  She was bound and determined to go along on the adventure and that was that."

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