Paragraph - Chapter Four - They Drink the Serum

So before I talk about a paragraph in Chapter Four - I just wanted to say - that even if the book doesn't make a big splash :) I am going to have fun with it still------------and learn from the feedback and keep on with writing.......and for those of you that are writing........don't give up.....

here is the paragraph in the Chapter Four:  this is after Toad and Nibel give the riders the tainted drink that will eventually cause them harm and will enslave them to the hunt for the eight Laws of Understanding.....Toad says to Nibel
     "But Sire, we have no idea if the drink will cause them harm.  It might even be poison to them." 

and Nibel says

     Nibel came to within a whisper of Toad's nose and mouth.
     "Now you listen to me, Toad.  My concern is not with the scouts.  What happens to them is not my problem.  If they are deformed or worse, I will not lose one hour of sleep over it.  Am I making myself perfectly clear?"

So here the reader sees the extent to which Nibel will travel into darkness (to put it one way) to achieve his ends.  This is the Machiavellian side of Nibel.  He is willing to let his alchemy and experimentation go just about anywhere if it brings him what he wants...

So..........what the author is trying to say here........"be careful what you wish for..:)"

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