A Note of Hope

In light of the horrible happenings in France and Belgium, I just wanted to pass on a couple of paragraphs of my "Author's Note" that are found in the opening pages of Book One.  The Note was written back in the late '80s.

     "The Chronicles are, on the one hand, adventure stories written for those of us who may still have an appreciation of the wonders and mystery of worlds yet unknown.  They are, however, more than this.  They were also written in the hope that the reader might discover a deeper understanding of the powerful and destructive forces of intolerance, hatred and fear.  Although each of these destructive forces has the capability of leading us to ruin, it is fear that often steals the light most completely.  Like the characters in the six stories, we must all, at many times in our lives, stand look at and eventually find ways to deal with our own fears.  Rarely is this easy.  It might be fair to say that it is one of the common threads that binds us all together on this earth.  I suppose we can, at least in some small measure, take comfort in this shared experience.
     How we do this, how we wage this battle with our own fears, will in the end, become part of how we define our lives. Like the characters in our stories, we all, ultimately, journey no further than our own reflection.  They must, as we must, eventually face not only our own fears, but Fear itself.  It was my hope, then, in writing the adventures that the brave ones of Medelia might be able to lend a helping hand to us all as we, at times, peek around the corners of uncertainty and trepidation on our journey here on Mother Earth.
     The Medelia Chronicles are filled with imagination and magic.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as we enjoyed creating it.


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