Welcome Estonia

A big welcome to readers in Estonia.  I have never been to your country but would love to visit some day!!!  Thanks for checking in and thanks for reading the book.  Even when my doubts would come crashing down, I felt.......that if the Chronicles were a good story and if they were well written the adventures would make their way in the world.  I guess we'll see. 

But I believe in this story.  I will always believe that everyone has the right to express their "human spirit"  - in a healthy, healing way for themselves and for the planet and not have to be concerned that someone will force their own "expression" on another.  Remember, that according the mythological scholars, of which I am not, the journey of the mythological hero (everyone's story) is not so much about the mind and / or the body but rather about the spirit.

And our "spirit" is "our own." The Chronicles, in part, is all about the joy and wonder of each individual's creative expression of that marvelous Human Spirit. 

Thanks again -

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