The Human Spirit

In the Chronicles, the eight Laws of Understanding are my way of talking about the Human Spirit.  The reader quickly finds out that just about everyone wants the Laws.  They want them, of course, for different reasons.  Charlie is trying to find them to "save" them and thus follow in his grandfather's and father's footsteps.  The Shadowling early on wanted them because they would help him return to the Heart of Heavens.  Nibel wanted them for reasons of his own :)  and so forth.

So what does this all mean?  (remembering that the Chronicles retell the story of the mythological hero)  Well, two things about the characters "wanting the laws, " as this pertains to the author's interpretation.  I suppose it might be fair that most of us in our lives "look" for something beyond just the mind and the body.  I have chosen to refer this as Human Spirit.  For me, this would include some of the great mysteries such as love, compassion, forgiveness, redemption, etc.  just to name a very few.

So in the Chronicles when the major players "all want the laws" what I am really saying is that there is a longing to express our own human spirits.  To connect with one another, to find joy and happiness and a rich full life, would be one way to frame this I suppose in a positive way.

And in that longing, who could argue that this is "wrong?"  Who could say that our quest to express the unique things that define us as humans is wrong?" 

Well, that's an interesting question now isn't it because that expression is in fact open to a whole range of debatable standards.  What is an acceptable standard for the expression of the human spirit in one may not be for another. 

In the Chronicles, I do not seek to solve that dilemma rather to frame the subject within the context of the story in way that would hopefully not offend anyone but still facilitate thought and hopefully a dialogue.

Secondly, besides everyone "wanting the laws" there is the notion (to put it one way) of attempting to define our interpretation of the Human Spirit for some one else. In Book One, I have gone to great lengths to keep that away from the story lines but the subject will come up in Book Two.

So I guess I will leave you with this.  I have tried to gently write a story that presents perhaps one of the greatest challenges presented to "The World of the Humans."  Can we express our Human Spirit in ways that ennoble us a humans and move us toward the light and can we be tolerant of others even if they differ from our expression?

In the Chronicles, I paint a rather desperate hour.  The Laws are being stressed and if they go out completely, all is lost.

Whatever we do as humans, let's not let the light go out.....

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