The Eight Laws of Understanding

I certainly have mentioned the Laws in earlier postings but I want to start talking about them in depth.  This will take a while. In the Chronicles, the eight Laws are, Order, Balance, Harmony, Growth, Perfect Percept, Love, Compassion and Justice.  I am not going to give some in-depth "study" on these eight .........concepts ( to put it one way)  I think it would be fair to say that if you asked a 100 people to define each of these might get a 100 different answers...

Which is really my point....the bi line for the Chronicles - when I get around to advertising - will be "The Medelia Chronicles, fantasy adventure that explores the human spirit."

So, the Laws in the adventure - the eight Laws...are another way to talk about the Human Spirit and defining the Human put it one way -

Wars, of course, have and are being fought over how the Spirit of Man is defined and how that definition is passed on from one to another...

Now,  I have taken great care in the Chronicles to tread lightly on this subject.  But remember, the frame work for the story is the story of us all...the hero's journey.  And remember, according to Campbell and other mythological scholars, to retell the hero's tale, the writing has to be relevant to the culture / times without retelling history.

So in keeping with that, I felt I needed to address the whole subject of defining the "Spirit of Man" and how that "definition"  "goes from one to another..."  (more later)

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