The Castle continued

In Chapter 57, Charlie starts his journey into the Castle.  The first thing he encounters is the Courtyard.  As might have mentioned, there all sorts of interesting characters here.  Some are snakes and reptiles and others are part human part snake or reptile.  There are also guards that don't seem to care what they are guarding.  They laugh at Charlie  when he says, "Ah, excuse me, do you know what's inside the castle?"  A rather naïve question of course.  And the guards answer,
     "The Castle, we don't care about the Castle.  We just guard it.."
     "You guard something you don't care about?"
     "That's right."  The young man laughed.  

So that is Charlie's introduction to the marvelous Castle but not so marvelous just yet and of course things get worse before they get better. 

According to St. Teresa, the journey from the 1st room to the 7th room is the souls journey from darkness to light.  She referred this to the "Bride of the Spiritual Marriage."  (more later

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