The Castle continued

In her book, The Castle, she mapped the seven rooms of the soul and shared her experiences with her sisters and then wrote the book that has survived to this day.  What I think I will do is talk briefly about the rooms as the related to Book One in the Chronicles.  A leading author, Caroline Myss, has written numerous books and among them her book entitled Entering the Castle, is a good one if you are interested.

So to begin with, Charlie is introduced to the Castle.  He can see all seven rooms and of course wants to rush in and take the laws.  The Castle, if it could be put up on a computer or in a movie (by the way, I am hopeful that the series will go that way) - so the Castle is like giant glass structure where al the rooms are visible.  Around the outside of the Castle is grass covered area and here we find all sorts of things happening.  There are humans milling about.  There are guards dressed as guards might be dressed. Then, there are creatures, reptiles and snakes mostly.  Some of the humans have a body of a human and the head of a snake or reptile and then there are stone statues that resemble humans.

Charlie is a bit taken aback by this all and decides to go up to a guard and inquire about the Castle.  As he is talking to the guard, a reptile decides to give him a big old bite on the leg.  The bite hurts, of course, but at the same time it feels good.

Let's stop and see what this all means (more later :) 

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