In Norse Mythology, there were two wolves, Skoll and Hati.  They were brothers.  Although there are differing accounts of this, it is believed that Skoll chases the sun and Hati, his brother, chases the moon.  The sun and the moon are carried through the sky in a chariot drawn by horses.  The end of the "world," Ragnarok, comes when Skoll and Hati chase down the sun and the moon.  The sun, of course, sets off the fire that destroys the world....

So I sort of borrowed :) Skoll and had fun with the character.  In the Chronicles then, Charlie leaves the 7th room and meets Skoll - who is portrayed as one who tries to convince Charlie to give up his quest go with him.  He promises him "anything."  During this Chapter, the last chapter in the book, Skoll tries to convince Charlie that the Morianders and Niss have been plotting against him. Skoll shows him event after event where the story line - according to Skoll - deepens the plot against Charlie.  Then Niss comes in !!!!

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