Second Room

Wanted to say a few things about the second room of the Castle.  Charlie, of course, just about doesn't make it...our hero......but he has to :)  - otherwise there would be no story...

So the second room, according to St. Teresa, is, in many ways, more difficult than the first and the traveler frequently goes back and forth from the second to the first ( which makes sense I guess)

In the first room, Charlie looses his eye sight and his hearing for a while.  The room is cold with almost no light and filled with the dreaded reptiles and snakes that bite him.  The other voice (not that of Niss) wants him to give up and not go on...)

But our boy succeeds - with the help of Niss - and enters the second room.  According to St. Teresa, the traveler regains his or her eye sight and hearing and is more aware of the main aspects of Room Two.  She feels this makes being in the room more difficult.  In Room One, Charlie was in a state of "grace"  but no so in Room Two.

In Room Two, (although I did not have the time to dwell on this) Charlie is hearing the call from the Laws and is gaining the strength and confidence that he can enter further into the Castle.  There is a sweetness to the call from the Laws. 

However, the Second Room has its perils.  Charlie has to pass through the "assault of the world" which worldly possessions and the love of the world.  He has to understand that the "things of the world" will not last forever and that "true love"  can not be found in the ways of the ever changing things that mind and the body want the most.

I pass "through the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rooms" in the book not to get to too lost in it all but can elaborate a bit more here.

According to St. Teresa, what Charlie has to do is to somehow tune his "will" to the song of the Laws..."  the Great ommmmmmmmmm

will talk about the 3rd room next  - hope the weekend is going well for you all

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