Paragraph - Chapter Two - Mysteries Unfold

Here's the paragraph - "Good morning, Dromian." Nibel waited for a response, but there was none, as usual.  "Yes well, I have an assignment for you.  Of course, I will pay you handsomely for services rendered."  Still, the Crackle said nothing.  She just looked at Nibel with her steel gray eyes that always made Nibel Gunn nervous.

I liked this paragraph because it sets the tone for the relationship between Nibel and Dromian.  For those who have read the book or are a ways into it, you will note that Dromian and Nibel have a falling out later on.  To put it bluntly, Dromian runs her own show.  At the beginning of the book, she is a spy and a good one but does things her own way.  Even though Nibel basically owns Myrkland, he doesn't own Dromian.

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