Last Chapter continued

So Niss jumps in and sort of, tries anyway, to set things straight.  He tells Charlie that Skoll - is a bad boy - and came to Medelia from the World of the Dark Elves...."when the doors to the Underworld were left open.  Skoll is a master of the dark arts.  But that's all he is...."

In the Chapter, Niss tells Charlie that he wanted the Moriand and recruited trolls and werewolves to "fight his battles..."  but in the end was all was lost "He ran away and hid and witnessed the last battle where all of his remaining soldiers died.  He's a coward, Charlie.  A coward and a liar."

Niss then goes on to say that all Skoll wants is revenge - and Asgard, of course, is his target.

Well, and here's the sad part, Charlie still doesn't believe him.  So Niss says that the only way to prove that he, Niss, is right is to try and lure Skoll back to the 7th room and try and wake up Rocky.

Charlie wants no part of this but in the end caves in and says he will do it.

So the Book One sort of comes down to this moment.  Can Skoll wake up Rocky or not and if he can, Charlie says he will never again leave Rocky and will go with Skoll....

for those who have read the book :)  - you know what happens...

more later

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