Eight Laws of Understanding

As I mentioned in an early post when talking about Niss and his rather aggressive confrontation with Charlie as to "do you really know what you're dealing with here?"  This can be found on page 306 - Chapter 49, Wisdom of the Gnome. 

In that chapter, I go on to say this and I guess I could have stopped right there...."These are the eight Laws given to Medelia by the creators of the world.  They hold us together, the did anyway.  They made sense of our lives, of what we're doing or not doing.  How we treat others and the world around us.  Without their wisdom, there's only cruelty and lawlessness."

Now as I seriously began to write about this concept in Book One, the question naturally arose in my mind...can we....on Mother Earth........find ways to express our own  "human spirit"...our own "higher self"  and allow that expression to do wonderful things for us and for others and for our planet - and............be tolerant of the expression of the human spirit in others ..........without.............seeking to define our own definition for someone else??

Can we  do that ???

So the Chronicles takes on that task....and it's a big one......

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