Eight Laws of Understanding

When I first started out writing...many years ago....this idea of including the eight Laws of Understanding did not factor into the equation...but it sort of developed over time...and the more I thought about it -the more if felt it had to be included in the Chronicles..

So, this is a big idea !!! but then the Chronicles really do not shy away from big ideas...the question was, how do you go about talking about this subject in the context of a fun story without alienating groups, factions, races, creeds, nations, etc. 

And...I feel most importantly - as I have mentioned - as an author writing about such - I certainly did not want to, even vaguely, introduce the idea of the Laws only to attempt to "sway" the reader as to how I interpret them.  (if that makes any sense)

Having said that, how does one attempt to write a series that seeks to retell the ancient story of the mythological hero - without including this complex issues of "defining the spirit" and how that definition influences others. 

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