Dark Elves

I'd like to begin some discussion on Dark Elves.  I introduce them quite late in Book One as they will mainly appear in Book Two.  As I mentioned, they live in the World of the Dark Elves and Goblins.  Some general info on Dark Elves in mythology.  Again, I am by no means an expert on Dark Elves.  Most would agree that:

1. They mainly live underground and do not like the sunlight.
2. They are a general nuisance and rarely up to any good.
3.  Some believe that they are responsible for nightmares.  These particular Dark Elves are called Mares.  They sit on the chests of the sleeping person and whisper - not so good things - in their ears.
4.  If exposed do sunlight, they turn to stone.
5.  Some Dark Elves in mythological literature:
     a.  Dokkalfar - a type of Dark Elf in Norse mythology
     b.  Svartalfar - Black Elves in Norse mythology
     c.  Moriquendi - a fictional race of Elves in Tolkien's writings
     d.  Drow - a Dark Elf in Dungeons and Dragons
     e.  And of course there have been many books, etc. that feature Dark Elves

In the Chronicles, I make the point that the Trade Prince Wadi discovered that the Dark Elves were not immortal if they ever came to the World of the Humans.  Tusk and Dortsa uncover some of his secrets.  (The Trade Prince was after the Laws for a secret reason, although this was never actually told to them by the Trade Prince)  The plot and the reason - they liked of course - because it involved seeking revenge on Queen Sabronella. 

"As the plot thickens"  of course - what the Trade Prince discovered, the vulnerability of the Dark Elves in the World of the Humans, opens the door to the plot of revenge.  (luring the Elves up to Medelia and doing away with them)  - It is all quite sinister - as all revenge can be - now just for the record - I am not an proponent of revenge....I raise the subject to make a point (other than weaving an interesting story line in the Chronicles - that revenge is best left to "others"  -  and by others I mean - the natural course of events...

But it all does make for some grand fun in the world of fantasy adventure literature ( or at least I think so)

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