Charlie and the 7 rooms

Some more thoughts on the Charlie and his journey into the castle.  As mentioned earlier, this was referenced from St. Teresa of Avila work in the mid 1500s in Spain.  Now by no means am I a scholar on the life and work of St.Teresa.  So please don't think that but I find her journey into the 7 rooms of the soul fascinating and did use this as the backdrop for where the eight Laws of Understanding are hiding.

Her emphasis (as I understand things) was on contemplative prayer and this could ( again in my mind)  be referenced to what a mother, father, grandparent, etc. might do when they gaze one of their children.  With our granddaughter we often say, "we just can't stop looking at her and loving her."

I have to feel that his is a form of what St. Teresa meant by contemplative prayer.  To go a bit further, she had 4 stages of this process but I guess that could be for another day.

But my point here, is that Charlie does eventually find the 7th room and take possession of the laws.  Unlike St. Teresa ( I have to assume) Charlie, at this point, doesn't know too much "about" the laws.  By this I mean, his soul development is not fully developed - to put things one way.  But is all fairness to our hero (at leas the male component of the hero at this point) he has the desire to find the laws - the "love of the quest" to put it one way....

So his contemplation - his gaze - is out of devotion and love for the laws - which is what if feel St. Teresa is saying to many years ago....

Now further - just remember - that according to the mythology scholars - the journey of the hero (our own journey) is not so much the travels of the mind and the body - but rather the journey of the spirit - which is why, again according to the mythology scholars - the retelling of the hero's journey is so important  - from time to time.

According to Joseph Campbell  - unless the story is retold from time to time - the very fabric of the culture weakens....

so in keeping with that - the Human Spirit's journey from darkness to light - has to be understood by us all......which is - to put is one way - the reason I have labored for these 30 years to write the Chronicles...if that makes any sense


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