Chapter 57 - The Castle

I want to start talking about the Castle, which is the second to the last chapter in the book.  When I began thinking about where the Laws might go and what Charlie would need to do to find them, etc.  my search led me to Teresa of Avila.  I am not a Catholic but her work and her writing on The Castle was exactly what I was looking for.  So, I want to begin with some brief background information on her life.

She was born in 1515 in Gotarrendura, Spain.  Her childhood was filled with many visions related to the Virgin Mary and other references to her Catholic faith.  She entered a Carmelite Monastery in Avila, Spain in 1535 (The Monastery of the Incarnation) With the help of her mentor, Franciscan Priest, Peter of Alcantara, she founded a reformed Carmelite convent in 1562.  The new convent was devoted to absolute poverty and the renunciation of personal property.  From 1567 to 1571, she established new houses of her order (17 in all)  With the help of St. John of the Cross and Anthony of Jesus, she stabled two houses for men. (Two Religious convents)  She wrote her book, The Castle, in 1577.  She died in 1582 and was canonized by Pope Gregory XV forty years after her death.

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