Castle continued

I want to say a few things about the guards at the Castle.  I went back over St. Teresa's marvelous work and any reference to the guards seems to be quite brief.  So in the Chronicles, I portray them as uninterested as to what they are guarding yet guarding non the less.  Well, what does this mean with reference to Charlie and his hunt for the laws?

Without having the room in the book to get too far into this, I still find this fascinating and open to a wide range of interpretations.  The one that I keep coming back to is this:  As Charlie looks at the Castle, his soul, the guards could logically be all those things keep our hero "protected" from any searching though the rooms.  The guards - one example might be - Charlie's fear of self exploration - fear of failure - fear of success - and on and on -

The guards then would "guard" the entrance to the journey into the soul but wouldn't be all that interested in the journey - the Castle - they are interested in other things.......if that makes any sense to you??? 

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