Castle continued

Here is another quote from St. Teresa ..."Eventually they enter the first rooms on the lowest floor, but so many reptiles get in with them that they are unable to appreciate the beauty of the castle or to find any peace within it.  Still, they have done a good deal by entering at all."

So what I tried to do was to write the story line with our boy Charlie entering the first room following as closely as I could to the teaching of St. Teresa.  Again according to her, prayer and meditation is the "key" that unlocks the door.  This is the room of humility.  Souls enter in a state of Grace.  But, entering the first room, I have to believe, is no joke. 

Most of us, if you follow what St. Teresa is saying, live our whole lives, perhaps multiple lives, in the courtyard and look at the castle and the guards (this is a fascinating concept - more on that later) and never inquire about what is inside.  We are not even curious about it - "it" of course being the soul's journey to enlightenment.  (Now I am going to tread lightly on that subject)  Remember, this is the teaching of St. Teresa of Avila and is not original to me.  Not by any means.

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