Castle continued

In the Chronicles then, Charlie enters the room, or is shoved in by the guards (more on that later) He doesn't notice, of course, that as he lingers in the doorway, the reptiles and snakes come in as well.  From St. Teresa's writing, she had numerous "visions." 

I take this to mean that her journey through the seven rooms were totally "experiential" and that what she saw and did (confronting all the "reptiles" that seek to keep us out of the castle) was nothing short of amazing courage. 

In the Chronicles, Charlie quickly looses his eyesight and hearing and is literally being smothered by the reptiles - many of which are biting and stinging him. He, of course, finds this painful yet wants more and more of the "bite." 

There are two voices that come to him.  One the sweet seductive voice wanting him to give up and the other is Niss (Charlie's higher consciousness) that wants him to hang on !!!!!  (more later)

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