Castle continued

In the Chronicles, I sort of breeze past rooms 2- 4.  This is in no way to slight any of the difficulties and the joy of entering the rooms as described by St. Teresa but I felt I had to keep the chapter moving and not loose site of the "goal" - of Charlie finding the Laws.  The challenges in this chapter were many.  I tried to make his journey into the Castle "fun and interesting" for the reader and still include some of the real difficulties in what our hero was trying to do.  I will leave it up to the reader to decide as to whether I succeeded in that goal.

Skipping to the Fifth Room then, St. Teresa calls this the "Spiritual Betrothal."  - as I would interpret this to mean the mystical union between God and man.  What I did to try and illustrate this, was to bring Rocky back and have her appear in the courtyard and gardens of the Fifth room.  Charlie wakes and hears her. 
    "Charlie, it's me Rocky." ...........Then he hears her voice again.
     "Charlie, over here, it's really me."

In this chapter, Charlie proposes to Rocky.  (The Spiritual Betrothal) -  and like a love sick young man - Charlie sort of stumbles through the proposal and tells Niss first. 
    Charlie looked over at Niss.  "By the way, did you hear the news?" asked Charlie.
     "Ah, no.  I guess  I didn't Charlie.
     "Rocky and I are gonna be married."  Rocky sat up in bed and pounced on top of Charlie.

   So that is proposal.  Now of course, the reader will find out that none of this is real!!!  It really is all a dream.  This was my way of writing about the "mystical experience" of the mansions and the journey into Charlie's self discovery. 

If you have read the book or are interested, our boy Charlie is in for some difficult times and they are about to land right at his doorstep.  - Oh what fun this is :)

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