Author's Notebook

I thought I would start what I am calling my "Author's Notebook."  I will from time to time share with readers of the blog some of my own feelings about the Chronicles and what the story means to me.  Will try and make it interesting :)

Early on, when the children with small, our bedtime routine included making up stories.  Back then, Rocky was a chipmunk and Charlie was a raccoon :)  I was working the 3 to 11 shift at a demanding job that left little time to spend with the children.  Days off and weekends were therefore extra special and "tucking in" the children was something that I would look forward to throughout the week.  Often it was one of those things in a busy and demanding week that "kept me going."  I told most of the stories to my daughter, being the youngest I suppose.

As all things happen, those times ended but I, quite naturally, missed them.  In 1984, I started to write.  I guess I wanted to somehow rekindle those days that would, of course, never come back but at the same time create new ones, new adventures.  Now I've had my share of "higher education" but nothing prepared me for the demands of writing fiction.  I found I knew almost nothing about the process.  What is learned or didn't learn :) was mostly by trial and error.  Over time, I figured out a few things about the craft, enough to keep going at any rate.

Mostly though, two things happened to me.  I fell in love with the story and I fell in love with writing.  Love is a funny thing.  We do things out of love - hopefully for the right reasons - that we might not do otherwise - to put is one way.  Love, I have to believe, changes over time but rarely does that indescribable feeling of the heart ever go away. 

My love for writing and my love for the story simply didn't go away.  There were times I wanted them to, however.  I wanted them to "take a hike."  I had reached the end of things so many times with the Chronicles and with writing.  I wanted them out of my life and yet they didn't go.  One day I said to myself, "I guess I'm stuck with you both so listen up......if we're going to do this there has to be an....understanding."

(Talking to the "project" and the characters has become a routine :) I try to do this when no one is around.....:)

So I said to my make believe pages and make believe characters, "If I hang in there with have to hang in there with me.."  (meaning you have to tell me the story)  "I'll do the best I can in writing it down but you have whisper  the story in my ear - over and over again."

And so far so good -

Now for all of you that have a burning desire to write - just keep writing - a poem, a short story, a diary -  a line or two - and as Charlie's mom said to him..."If you find the Laws, Charlie, only use them for the good."  :)

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