Author ranking

Just wanted to mention the Amazon author ranking - now this fluctuates and - well - who knows what it all means - but I wanted to note this in reference to thanking all those who have purchased either a paper back or an ebook of the Chronicles...and I mean a BIG THANKYOU to you all !!!

On October 10th my author ranking out of 8 million authors on Amazon was 90,660 this goes up and down so I don't pay a lot of attention to this - but..........I mention the numbers to thank all of you who have taken an interest in the book.

I think - a bit biased though I may be - that the "it" is a good story well written - I labored over every sentence and every paragraph - I know there is some back and forth with multiple story lines and it is a bit complicated - but I "made up a whole new world :)"  and filled it with all my "make believe pals"  as I tell my family - so what was I to do???

Anyway, thank you all especially all the readers in the good ole USA !!! 


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