7th room of the Castle

I think all I want to say here is that the Charlie is married - or so he thinks - and "wins the prize" - in this case the Laws....

Now going back to the whole purpose of the book - to retell the story of the mythological hero - Charlie has accomplished what he set out to do - now all he has to do :) is to go back home and live happily ever after !!! - well, not so easy.

The first thing that happens, of course, is that he wants to leave with his - now wife, Rocky...But what Charlie realizes is that Rocky won't wake up.....It was actually tough to right this part because Charlie thought "it was all real"...but it really wasn't....

now getting the Laws - that was real - Rocky finding her way into the Castle was really just a dream - of sorts...So Charlie leaves and Niss gives him the staff to help light the way !!!

and Then he meets Skoll....and did I have fun with Skoll

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