6th Room of the Castle

It is, perhaps, in the 6th room that Teresa describes some of the greatest challenges to anyone venturing into the discovery of the "soul's journey."  She described the 6th room "....is comparable only with the tortures of hell...."

So Charlie is met by Niss and he says to Charlie, "There is one more trial you must endure, Charlie.  It has to be done before you are married and before the Laws are given to you." 

Well, really there is more than one trial to endure but Niss sort of tries to soften the blow.  Charlie is led down to a "clearing in a deep woods," and is met by the start of the trials in the 6th room.  The beast that had been following Charlie comes first, followed by an angry mob.  The voice of surrender almost gets to him but he resists.  He then finds himself in a dessert, then a frozen wasteland and finally the black hole of despair before Niss comes for him.

He heals and soon is married.  All of his friends and family are present.  This is the "curtain call" that will be included in all of the stories.

I'll talk about the significance of the "marriage" in the next post.

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