Varina continued

Now, it is believed - ( although I am not a scholar on Tolkien) but conventional wisdom has it, that Tolkien took some of his inspiration for the Hobbit and latter the Lord of the Rings, from the story of Andvari and the ring, Andvaranaut.  Anyway, Varina is one of those characters in the Chronicles that is "important."  As such, I won't give away all of her secrets.  However, she is just too much fun to leave alone entirely.  So let's take a look at her.

In literary terms, Varina is a way to "move the story forward."  Writers of fiction use all sorts of ways and means to do this.  I just sort of happened upon this when I created Varina.  At first,  I really didn't understand what she was doing, including how she moved the story along without me having to write about everything !!!  later, I figured it out.  Aside from that, however, Varina is quite interesting.  So lets see what she can do.

Well, she can "call" Nibel whenever she wants.  She does this by "giving him the feeling."  Now just for the record, the feeling is something my brothers and I made up in our childhood.  To put it simply, it's kind of a squeezing sensation that we would get say when we had say a teddy bear in our hands or when we had a piece of fruit.  We might "get the feeling..." meaning we had an urge to squeeze the fruit or the teddy bear without totally squishing the dickens out of whatever we had in our hands.  It was one of those silly little thing from childhood.  But I always remembered the "feeling" and just moved it around a bit to fit the Chronicles.

So Varina calls Nibel when she wants and gives him the feeling as a way of getting his attention.  Now what does the feeling do to Nibel.  Well, he first gets an itch up on the nape of his neck, then his ears get big and hot and then if he ignores the feeling, he hears hideous noises.  When our boy Nibel figures it out he goes to Varina and she tells him things.  One could say, she is a source of information, an information machine.  But, she has an attitude.  If Nibel doesn't pay attention or annoys her with questions, she can and will punish him and she leaves him whenever she wants and usually dismisses him in the process.  To put this in terms of a "relationship,  Nibel and Varina have a relationship but it really isn't all that healthy :)

Now remember that little warning from Joseph Campbell, that when a story tellers sets out to retell the Hero's Journey, he or she has to be relevant to the culture in which the story is being told without retelling history?  In this case, I walk a thin line.  There are a number of juicy parallels with respect to Varina and our world in 2015.  I won't go any deeper than that for right now, but I'd like to:)  If you think about it, you can figure it out....(you can comment on my facebook page (Medelia Chronicles )- - I'll answer - (not by giving the feeling though :)

One more thing about Varina.  I will give you a hint regarding Book Two...Varina will tell Nibel something that, even in his wildest imagination - (and he has a rather robust imagination) he would never have guessed.  Varina will tell Nibel what she does when she is "asleep"... when her light goes dim and she stops talking to Nibel..  You're going to love this part.

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