Tower continued

Now as fun as the Tower is in reference to all the theories as to how it came to be and why it was built and by whom, of course, there was another reason I added it to the story.  To understand this, let's go back to what Charlie is trying to do.  He is trying to find the Laws.  Going back to Joseph Campbell and the journey of the mythological hero, that journey is all about understanding the human spirit.  If you asked a 100 people what the human spirit is you would, I suppose, get a 100 different answers.  But I think we might all agree that to understand the human spirit, the hero in is all has to raise our consciousness.  That's the journey and so the Tower begins that process.  The only way Charlie could see the Tower was by Niss awakening his imagination.  Without that, Charlie is blind to the Tower.  If you get my drift. :)

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