The trouble for Charlie (he seems to be always in trouble) happens in Chapter Thirty, Tough Choices Ahead.  Rocky and Charlie have met their mentors (which we'll talk about latter) and have decided that they are all going back to the Otherworld with Rocky.  Remember, that the Red River is not only the boundary line separating Northlander territory and the Otherworld, it is the place that I have designated as the first threshold.  Once crossed, the hero (playing by the rules) can't re-cross and go home just yet. 

What I did in the chapter, is to have Charlie try to forge the Red River.  It is Charlie's horse, Tommie, and our little hero, Loki, who are the voices of reason.  They put up a fuss when Charlie first enters the river.  Then Asgard steps into the discussion and comes up with a plan.  Magni and Baldur will take Rocky back to the Greenbrier Inn and Charlie and Asgard will camp out and wait for them to return.  Crisis averted!!

We'll talk about the mentors on the next post.