The Tower

I want to start talking about the're going to love this one.  The Tower is explained in Chapter 51.  Remember now, that Charlie can't see the Tower without Niss' help and specifically this help has to do with awakening his imagination with the Gjool drops.   In Book One, the Tower has to be understood before the Morianders and Charlie can make the climb up the Western Wall.  Charlie wakes up that morning and low and behold, he sees the Tower. 

Now for those of you that are into the story, you may already have guess where I referenced the structure.  For those who have not, here goes.  The idea for the Tower in the Chronicles comes from the Newport Tower in Newport, Rhode Island.  It is located in Touro Park a top Mill Street in Newport.  The theories as to the origin of the Tower have been tossed around for many years.  There are those, of course, who have said they know who built the Tower and when and for what reasons.  I will not venture into that discussion. 

I patterned the dimensions for the tower in the Chronicles after the Newport Tower.  Measuring Southeast to Northwest, the diameter is 22 feet 2 to 3 inches.  It has 3 cylindrical columns and 8 stone arches.  The height is 28 feet and the walls 3 feet thick.

To find the spot on the wall where the Laws enter the cliff, calculations have to be made.  I simply played around with this in reference to many of the theories that fix the Tower with the Viking explorers and base the numbers and calculations on property lines and land claims.  ( I will say though, there are a number of secrets with respect to the Tower that I won't tell you....)  things that I added with respect to the stuff...maybe you'll find them and maybe not.

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