The Shadowling

The next character that I want to talk about is the Shadowling, the fallen creator, Orbenos.  His new name was given to him by the One Outside the Seven before he left the Heart of Heavens.  This occurs in the Prologue.   "His name, Orbenos, would be taken from him.  A new name, the Shadowling, was given to him, as he would be relegated to live in the shadows of the world he so lovingly created but chose to betray."

 In Book One, the Shadowling at first is angry and bent on returning to the Heart of Heavens.  As things develop, however, he understands why he was sent to Medelia.  Now, one of the keys to understanding the entire six book series is to understand who really is the Shadowling.  This one, I am not going to give you, at least right now.  I drop clues as to his real identity or role in the story in Book One and will continue to do so in subsequent books.  Most of his power, of course, rests in the Cloak of Pure Intended Thought.  So, next post I'll talk about the cloak.  You'll love this one. 

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