The Old Friends

This discussion might take awhile  :)  but the Old Friends are "very" interesting - to use the adverb "very(by the way, it's a beautiful day up in Maine !!!)

So the Old Friends were created by the One Outside the Seven and the seven creators of the World of Humans......  The Friends are: 
1.  Badger from the Kingdom of the Mountain Forest  - home to the Originals - he wears an orange robe.
2.  Timothy from the Kingdom of the Fringes - home to the Ordinarys - he wears a blue robe.
3.  Jason from the Vast Scrub - home to the Barrelies - he wears a green robe
4.  Petra from Fendom - home to the Fen Dwellers - she wears a red robe.
5. Junia from the Lowland Mountains - home to the Forest Dwellers - she wears a green and brown robe.
6.  Jendrella from the Bat Kingdom - home to the Bats - she wears a black robe.
7.  Steven from the Kingdom of the Northlanders - he wears a sliver robe.
8.  Areena from the Kingdom of the Sky - she wears a blue and white robe.
9.  Mole from the Earth Kingdom - he wears a purple robe.
10.  Melanna from the Kingdom of the Sea - she wears a light violet robe.
11.  Thea from the Kingdom of the Unguardes - she wears a yellow robe.
12.  Pondera from the Kingdom of Moriand.  He wears a gold robe.

Now, I had loads of fun with the Old Friends...and.....the Friends are "loaded" with mysteries...the more the reader looks, the more you attention to numbers....

The Old Friends were given the task of safeguarding the eight Laws of Understanding and to teach them to the World of the Humans.  Once the laws were fully understood by the twelve Friends, the Laws (that were originally in the form of twelve books) were recast into eight perfectly round, white pearls.  The pearls were then hidden in the eight Vortexes of Power ( stone pillar type natural structures) in eight different places in Medelia ( see the map of the world) - these places were not by accident :)

The Old Friends were given 2000 years in Medelia and not one hour more.  To ensure that they would live for 2000 years, the seven creators gave them magical qualities that allowed them to forestall the effects of aging.  But at the Fall Equinox (the first Fall as Book One opens) they have to go or they will die. 

One of the nightly rituals, as documented by Junia in Chapter Thirty-Nine, Junia and the Shadowling, is the removal of their youthful outer persona.  This is done each night before they go to bed.  The process is complicated and I done "wrong" the Old Friend will become sick and possibly die.  At night then, the Old Friend is "really old" - meaning that they have to sleep in their 2000 year old form.  Each morning, the youthful persona has to be "reapplied" so to speak...this is not easy to do and the protocol for doing so has to be exact or serious harm will come to the Friend.

Junia shows the process to the reader in Chapter Thirty-Nine. I had loads of fun writing this.

Badger, from the Kingdom of the Mountain Forest - home to the Originals - is the presiding officer - to put it one way - of the Old Friends.  The Friends were given Messengers of the Light by the One Outside the Seven and the seven creators - to assist them.  The Messengers are Light Beings that can be summoned to help the Old Friends communicate with each other.  At the end of the 2000 years, the Messengers will be the escorts to assist the Friends to the Place Between Two Worlds, where the Friends will stay for a while to get used to their new light bodies.