One More Question.....

This will be fun....I want to say a few words about a game that I made up to practice "The Cloak of Pure Intended Thought"   ..........

So given that the Chronicles "talk about" positive intentions - and I do this through the story lines connected with the Cloak of Pure Intended Thought - it was absolutely necessary - in a fun, interesting way, to do this myself when writing the that I mean practice positive I came up with a "game" called One More Question.

What I did was travel (make believe) to exotic places all over the world and conduct interviews about the book.  All the "adoring fans" would give me one great question after another...and I would talk about some of the things that I have included in the blog.

Then when things started to wind down, I would take "one more question..." and the question would always be the same  "It has been said that the Chronicles are the greatest fantasy adventure of all do you respond...???" 

and my reply would always be the same..." of all time is a long time and we haven't come to that point so we'll have to wait and see...but as to the second part of the question....that's what I intended it to be....." 

now............given that the game is just a game ........but on a more serious note....why not rehearse not only positive intentions...but great intentions......isn't that what we teach our children?????"