Niss -

  I just wanted to summarize some of the things Niss has added to the story - then leave that subject for a while
1.  First of all - there is the question of where did Niss come from and how did he arrive in he World of the Humans - we know there are other gnomes - the reader is presented with his father, brother and his aunt.  There are references to more gnomes.
2.  Niss has magical qualities we know that -
3.  He is cast as Charlie's teacher and someone that knew his father, Mathew and his grandfather, Thomas.
4.  He has his own language, Ninolar and has gnome dust that he uses to slip away from his body and he has magic drops called Gjool that can awaken imagination - if done right :)
5.  He introduces Charlie and the Morianders to the Tower - which I'll talk about soon
6.  He is definitely on Charlie's side
7.  He won't go away in the Chronicles
8.  In Chapter 49 - he really gives it to Charlie - so what is he saying
     a.  He tells Charlie that without "magic" in his heart - he will never see the Tower which sets up a possible endless search for where the laws went into the cliff - which means he may never find the laws
     b.  So what is this "magic"  - well Niss says this "Charlie, if you don't believe that deep down inside of you is a place of child-like wonder that can someday, somehow come alive, you may as well pack up and go home right now."
     c.  Now through Niss, I give the reader hints as to what this "child like wonder" really is all is one of those hints....."You see, your father and your grandfather well, they believed that their most private thoughts, their secret thoughts could come true.  They could be real.  That's why they could see me.  That's why they could see the .....tower."
    d. blog's the challenge....
                       1.  Who is Niss??
                       2.  Why do we really need "child like wonder" our entire lives
                       3.  And if you look deeper into "child like wonder"  what is it and why is this the key to Charlie finding the Tower and thus finding the laws
                       4.   Remember, the story line is this:  without the key ("if you don't believe that deep inside of you is a place of child-like may as well pack up and go home...."
                       5.  I'l leave the subject of he Tower alone for now - but be thinking about it
             I guess enough on this for now............:)  ah such fun