The first character I will talk about is the dwarf, Nibel.  Now according to Norse mythology, the dwarves (or could be spelled, dwarfs) lived in Svartalfheim.  Although there is not hard evidence that the dwarves inhabited one of the original nine worlds, I am "claiming" that they did in the Chronicles.  I simply refer to Nibel's home as the World of the Dwarves and reference this as one of the nine worlds.  I took the name from the epic poem in Middle High German that seems to date back to the 5th and 6th century.  The poem, of course, is the Nibelungenlied.  It tells of the Court of Burgundy and of the two characters (there are many other as well) Siegfried and Kriemhild. 

I like the name Nibelungenlied so I sort of took parts of it.  Nibel Gunn is the dwarf in the Chronicles.  The dwarfs, in Norse mythology, lived underground in what was probably interconnected tunnels, mines and such.  So in the Chronicles, I place most of what Toad and Nibel do and discuss in Nibel's underground workshop.

Now in Norse mythology, the dwarves are the ones that forge the chain that eventually bind the fierce wolf, Fenrir.  (I'll talk about all of that latter.)  But in the Chronicles, one of the main story lines  in the book as it pertains to Nibel and Toad, is how to stop the Shadowling.  What could they do to bind up one of the fallen creators of the world.  So I borrowed the idea of the making of the magic chain, Gleipnir that was used to bind up the giant wolf, Fenrir. 

How delightful is this!!