More on Niss

    "Does it really matter?" replied Niss.  "What's in a name that's so important.  Does it really matter who I am or where I came from?  I don't think so.  What really matters is that our world is in trouble, Charlie.  And the Laws are stressed because of it.  They've moved to their places of safety and wonder.  They've come home. But this is their last stand. They're fading because our world is fading.  Their light is going out and because of it, our lives are fading as well.  And without somebody's help, their light, their brilliance will fade forever.  When it does, the World of the Humans will be plunged into darkness from which there will be no escape."

And of course Charlie still doesn't get it.  Niss continues.  ( and now Niss really gives it to our boy

     "Now, just because your last name happens to be Hunter doesn't mean you're up for the task, Charlie.  Understanding the Laws of the spirit is not something you can inherit.  It can't be written into your inheritance any more than you can go down and buy it.  You have to earn it.  You have to earn understanding of the spirit one grain of sand at a time.  That's just the way it works.  Now, you can go on with this...this idea that because your father and your grandfather were great men and did noble things for our world that somehow that makes you capable of following in their footsteps just because you are your father's son.  You can go on with that notion.  But that's all that it is, that's all that it ever will be, just a notion.  And it will come to nothing."

And of course Charlie still doesn't get it.......(Charlie still doesn't see the tower)  Niss is just a "tad" hard on our hero....but remember...the goal here :) is for the hero - you and I - according to the ancient story - to move towards the light.....!!!  this is never easy - that's why - so says Campbell and others - the hero's journey needs to be retold "from time to time"

(more on Niss latter)