More on Niss

    "Okay, let's put it this way," interrupted Niss.  "Unless you see and understand the tower, you'll never know the exact spot where the Laws went into the rock wall.  You could make one daring climb after another and never find the entrance.  And even if by some chance you did, you'd have to go in and get them out, the Laws I mean.  And let's say you found them.  You just can't take them.  They're not going to go with just anyone.  They'd have to agree to it.  This isn't a game of hide and seek, Charlie. Where you find the prize, pick it up and go home."

And of course Charlie still doesn't get it. Niss continues.
     "Do you really know what you're dealing with here?  These are eight Laws given to Medelia by the creators of the world.  They made sense of our lives, of what we're doing or not doing.  How we treat others and the world around us.  Without their wisdom, there's only cruelty and lawlessness.  Only darkness. No light whatsoever.  And if you could hold them in your hands, hold the Laws close to you, you would be looking into a light so bright it could light the whole world, everywhere all at the same time."

And of course Charlie still doesn't get it.  Niss continues.

     "Everything that has ever been known about their precious teaching would suddenly be yours.  Just like a powerful wave that came from deep inside the biggest ocean and found you and broke ove you and washed everything away and left you standing.  You would know how the world is ordered and how it wants to stay in perfect balance.  If you listened closely, you would hear the sweet harmony of all the voices in every living thing singing in one chorus.  You would understand everything about everything.  There would be no mysteries, no lingering doubts about anything.  And most importantly, Charlie, you would be able to experience, in one blink of an eye, everything there is to understand and feel about love and compassion and justice. You can see me because it was a gift your father gave to you.  Otherwise there wouldn't be enough magic in your heart to even to that."

And of course Charlie still doesn't get it. He asks Niss "who he is?"  - So this is another mystery isn't it !!!!  and Niss replies.