More on Niss

So Niss is established as a mysterious creature and will remain so....and he doesn't go away.  He will appear in later books.  The first thing that Niss does is to take the Morianders and Charlie to the Tower...(another mystery :)  - I'll talk about that later- you'll love the tower...

Charlie and the Morianders can't see the part I use the tower to set up what will be a key element in Book One.... and it comes in chapter 49, Wisdom of the gnome.  Charlie, quite naturally, doesn't have "magic in his heart."  Now the reader needs to remember that Charlie is the male of the mythological hero and Rocky is the female, the Yin and the Yang.  They are, in reality, one!!!  and the mythological hero - in general - so the hero's journey would argue - is everyman!!!  so YOU - the readers of the blog - are everyman - (according the "journey - the retelling of the journey)

In this chapter, our boy Niss really gives it to Charlie.  I spent months on this part of the book...I lost sleep over it :) - Niss finally delivers the line "Do you believe in magic, Charlie?" began Niss.
     "Magic? You mean like gnomes and fairies?" Charlie smiled a rather embarrassed little smile.  (of course Niss isn't talking about that kind of magic)
     "Well, I guess we could debate that latter," replied Niss.  "But I mean, really believe in magic?"  (So Niss gives Charlie another chance to come up with the "real answer" on his own.  Which Charlie does not.