More on Niss

In Chapter 50, the reader gets more information about Niss....the language that he speaks is a dialect of Gnomish called Ninolar.  He speaks this with his father, brother and aunt.  To slip away from the camp near the tower, Niss uses Gnome Dust ( I didn't name the dust)  then he uses some magic drops called, Gjool.  Niss' father, Targobarroatus, developed the mixture.  Niss' father has lived for 491 years but has had little chance to use the substance.  Naturally, he is pleased that it can finally be put to good use.  The drops need to be placed on the tongue of the intended person while they are asleep and without their knowledge.  The purpose of the drops are to awaken one's imagination, in this case Charlie's imagination.  The drops work of course.