More on Niss

In Chapter 50, The Casting of Spell, the reader is introduced to more juicy tid bits.  Niss' brother Brothobarroatus, his father Targobarroatus and his aunt, Reag are briefly mentioned.  If one researches gnomes, there is general pattern to the spelling of their names.  The names of the gnomes in the Chronicle are original.  Back in chapter 49, the reader gets a general description of he little creature.  "He wore a high red cap on his tall pointed head, and had a slightly graying mustache and beard of similar color.  He had dark, tree bark-colored skin."  (this was in reference to the Forest gnome origin)  "He wore brown and green pants and felt boots.  Around his waist was a leather belt with an attached tool kit, hammer and knife."

More information on gnomes and Forest gnomes can be found in chapter 50.  Asgard does the talking.   Charlie asks whether there is a difference in gnomes.  Baldur replies.  "I'm afraid there is," replied Baldur...."Forest gnomes are extremely shy," continued Baldur.  "As a matter of fact, they rarely leave their homes.  When they do, it's usually for the good of the whole community, to right a wrong or find out more information about a problem that they would like to solve."  Charlie responds

    "A problem?" asked Charlie.
     They're helpers, protectors, really," replied Asgard.  "They protect the forest."
     "From what?" asked Charlie.
     "From Orcs, Trolls, Kobolds and Goblinoids, those sort of things."

Then Asgard delivers the big line - the big cahoooona !!  "Of course not," said Asgard.  "But their protection is done by casting spells, spells of illusion.  Their illusionists."