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By way of recent literary history:   First the Goblins from JRR Tolkien - and again I am not an expert on Tolkien - but one, I feel, could argue that Tolkien considered Goblins as Orcs.  Of course the recent movies have depicted them as somewhat of a sub human race of creatures that lived under the Misty Mountains and in places like the capital city of Gundabad. 

J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter series has a different take on Goblins.  They were the administrators of the Gringott Bank and considered to be far different than the Orcs of the Tolkien Trilogy.

I have elected to include Goblins in the Chronicles but cast them different than Tolkien and Rowling. I describe them in Chapter 51, The Tower.  "They had green skin and long sharp noses, chins and ears.  Most of their heads were shaved except for a carefully crafted tuft that ran down the middle from their foreheads to their neck lines.  Their clothing was made of leather and most carried a variety of weaponry and gadgets few outside their circles had ever seen."

I have talked about some of their :) - but not all - of their history as to how they arrived in the World of the Humans.  The Goblins in the Chronicles - like most of my characters - aren't all good nor are they all bad.  Their are basically merchants and traders and quite good in their chosen crafts.  Their weaponry is far advanced than most of the Medelians.  Nibel, as the reader will find out, was unaware that Goblins were in Medelia.  Junia, of course, knew of their activities.

So, the introduction of the Goblins in the Chronicles will set up some interesting storylines in Book Two.

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