Leaving the Otherworld

For all "my loyal readers" of the blog - I just wanted to digress just a moment and talk about Charlie's leaving the Otherworld.  He has to say goodbye and his mother has to do this as well.  So it is one of those moments in Book One that I thought about for weeks.  Also, I wanted to give myself the challenge.  I wanted to say in a sentence or two, the entire message - if you will - of the six book series.  What is that the author finds so important to spend 30 years of writing - thousands of hours and hundreds of re writes to finally say to prospective readers and to "skink" that down to one paragraph at the most.

I set this scene with great care.  I wanted to give Charlie, Loki and Margaret the best platform I possibly give them.  I do this with three preceding paragraphs.  So hang in there with me..

"It was just before noon when Charlie and his mom reached the Red River that formed the western border of the Otherworld and the Northlander kingdom.  The river ran north, unlike most of the rivers in Medelia.  The Red was a muddy river except in the early spring.  It drained the rich farm land in a narrow valley that came to be called Raven's Claw because it attracted thousands of ravens, especially in the spring and fall migration.  It got muddy as the summer went on, but not in the early spring.

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