Hemingway and his "Darlings"

I just wanted to say a word about what Hemingway called "his darlings"  - so this would be an author's favorite line or two or a paragraph that he or she was / is  particularly fond of etc.  And Ernest said, with respect to editing his manuscripts, that in order to write the way he wanted to write that he had to be prepared to "kill my darlings."  Of course given the often violent themes and scenes that Hemingway wrote about, I suppose the reader should not be too surprised to see that description coming from him.  What he meant, of course, was that he would have to edit out some of the lines and paragraphs that he most loved for the sake of the story or the novel.

Well, I didn't have a watch dog directing me to take out hundreds of words or paragraphs in Book One although there probably should have been such a person.  Given that....here is certainly one of my favorite paragraphs and perhaps my favorite line in the story..( I had referenced this before but as there appears to be some loyal followers of the blog - I wanted to mention it again)

     "It had been a beautiful morning.  In the spring after a long winter, when there seemed to be no hope to ever see the sun again and feel the lingering warmth of summer days to come, all of a sudden it was there."      (and here is perhaps my favorite "darling")

                   "Such was that morning along the Red." 

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