Good morning readers

Just a quick request....the blog now has had 1853 page views in the past two months representing 23 countries.  I am sure many of the views were just curiosity or for other reasons.  But for those that are enjoying the postings and have down loaded the book, I am going to ask you a favor.

Probably the best way to let others know about the Chronicles is through social media.  I do have a Facebook page (the Medelia Chronicles)  and would love to hear from you.  For those on Facebook, spread the word!!   I believe the project (as I refer to it) is an important series and is not only fun to read but explores the Human Spirit!!! 

Book One talks about some important "things."  I try to do this in a way that won't offend anyone and yet offer a platform for discussion.  My one liner for the Chronicles has become "Fantasy Adventure that Explores the Human Spirit."

                                                                If you feel so inclined - spread the word---

                                                     Thanks - Phil

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