I'd like to talk a bit about Drugars.  They are first mentioned in Chapter Thirty-One, Meeting in the Poisoned Forest.  The Shadowling warns Nibel about them.   The Shadowling tells Nibel, when speaking the three riders..."They'll soon become the undead.  They will become..."
     "Drugars," whispered Nibel.  "I've created Drugars."

Then in Chapter Thirty-Five, Drugars, the reader gets the low down !!!  So, where did they come from?
Well, let's go back to Norse mythology.  In Norse legend, at least one of their names for the undead was, Draugar.  There were other names but I just dropped the "a". 

Other spellings include: Draugr, Draug, in Icelantic - Draugur, in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, Draugen

According to legend, the Drugars (my spelling) have at least some intelligence, hang out in their graves guarding their treasure, or.....torment those who have done them wrong.  They tend to be jealous of the living and often try and finish what they were not able to do in life.  They are shape shifters and slay their victims by greatly expanding their weight and they like cats!!!  They can also "swim" through solid rock....

The only way one can kill a Drugar is to wrestle them to the ground, cut their heads off with their own sword, burn them as quick as possible them put them in a container and throw their ashes into the sea.  Which I detail in Chapter Thirty-Five !!  great fun

But.............on a serious note...........Nibel creates the Drugars by giving his three scouts poison...again, his experiments are way over the top....not good Nibel..

I had a lot of fun writing about the undead, Drugars and we have not heard the last of them...:)

This is just delightful (in fantasy / fiction of course) !!!  So, in Chapter Thirty-Five, the reader gets a  look at the ghostly characters.  Latter in Chapter Fifty-Six, A Warning from Varina, the reader hears more about them..