Dark Elves and Goblins

I'd like to begin talking about the Dark Elves and Goblins in the Chronicles.  I had a lot of fun with both of these creatures and will certainly continue both in Book Two and possibly beyond that in succeeding books.  As I mentioned earlier, I have given the two creatures their own "world." 

The Dark Elves live with the Goblins.  They are in the 4th world.  I'll discuss Goblins first.   I introduce the Goblins in Chapter 51, The Tower. Charlie is out for a "stroll" :) and meets Niss and then, of course, trouble finds them both.  In this case, the Goblins.  They are led by a character called Trade Prince Wadi.  Now the "Trade Prince" of Trade Prince Wadi - is, for you Goblin scholars, often ascribed to Goblin leaders.  The Trade Princes are usually seen in literature as ruthless merchants that stop at nothing to gain more riches and treasure.  So, given that I cast my goblins as merchants, I thought it would be fitting to name add "Trade Prince" to the name.  The name Wadi is a childhood name of mine.  (long story and best left for another day)

In the Chronicles, the Goblins find their way to the World of the Humans.  How and when this occurred is somewhat of a mystery.  Their arrival and such is later discussed on top of the Western Wall during the climb and after the fight on the ledge.

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