Dark Elves and Goblins continued

So Tusk and Dortsa in Chapter 53, talk about their plan and in so doing some of the recent "history" in the Dark Elvan world.  In the Chronicles, - as mentioned - the Dark Elves and the Goblins inhabit the same world but the Goblins are second class citizens - to put it one way.  The World of the Dark Elves and Goblins is organized by clans.  Each clan has a Clan Counsel.  All of the clans are ruled by the Dark Elves.  But on each clan is a Trade Prince - and he or she is a Goblin.  As this relates to the Chronicles ( and again - this was just too complicated to put in Book One) but will be of interest to Goblin and Dark Elf lovers)  -

There was terrible winter in the far north of the that world.  Most of Dark Elves survived but many Goblins perished.  The Trade Prince of the Northern Clan, Trade Prince Wadi and hundreds of Goblins were taken prisoner by one the Dark Elvan Queens, Queen Sabrenella.   The Queen ended up trading the Goblins and the Trade Prince for food.  What happened in the trade and where the Goblins went and all of that could fill another book - but I just couldn't get side tracked - although I would have loved to write about it all.

So long story short - if that is possible with me - the Trade Prince along with a number of Goblins loyal to him, escaped, including Tusk and Dortsa.  Their escape - was a daring one - again this could fill many chapters of another book - but of course - they ended up in the World of the Humans.

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