Dark Elves and Goblins continued

There was another interested problem and insight that came from this discussion (how the Goblins arrived in the World of the Humans)  This is found in Chapter 52, The Big Wall.  With help from Niss, the Morianders and Charlie realize that the door to the Underworld in the World of the Humans is now open.  That is only way the Goblins could have left their world and made their way to Medelia.  It is a sobering thought of course.

One of the things I wanted to do in the Chronicles, is to portray the Goblins as intelligent creatures.  Having said that, no offense to Goblin lovers, down through history and they and those closely associated with them, are often cast with less "human" characteristics.  So, I gave names to two of them, Tusk and Dortsa.

What they do, of course, is set the stage for some interesting story lines in Book Two.  As my story goes, in the World of the Dark Elves and Goblins, the Dark Elves definitely have the upper hand.  The
Goblins are relegated to mere servants and in some cases as far less than that (to put it one way)

Tusk and Dortsa were among a group of Goblins (this is from Chapter 53, Secrets of the Goblins, who were taken prisoner by Queen Sabronella, a Dark Elf ruler.  There was a massive food shortage among the Goblins and the Queen saw her chase to enslave many of the Goblins, which she did.  By the way, the Goblins have their own language (I'll get into that later)  but in the Chronicles, the Goblins that came to Medelia wanted to "shun" their own language and speak the Language of Medelia. 

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